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Friday, 10 March 2017

Space in year 1

A planetarium came to our school.....

We stepped inside......and saw

They showed us what could be on other planets

We were told about NASA and the space station

An astronaut told us how they clean their teeth in space......

They suck up the water so it does not float, they brush their teeth with toothpaste and then.....

Swallow the toothpaste!!! GROSS!!!

Did you know that astronauts do not shower for 6 months?They use wipes every day instead!!! Yuk!

Talk about the moon landing at home....did it really happen?

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

REP - Toy workshop

The children worked with the staff from the REP Theatre to write and perform a play script. They created puppets, back drops and the stage to perform on.

On Monday 7th December, the children went to the REP Theatre to see the actors perform plays from years 3 and 4.  The children had a fantastic time watching the play scripts come to life.

Anti-Bullying Week

During anti-bullying week, the children learnt about UNICEF and their rights. Fifteen children went to 2.3 and 15 children from 2.3 came to join our class. The children worked together to create anti-bullying wrist bands.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Trip to Lickey Hills

Year 4 enjoyed our trip to Lickey Hills.

We looked at:
  • Hills
  • Ground levels
  • Wildlife
  • Tree types 
  • The Lickey Hills toposcope 
  • The beautiful views 
  • Directions 
We found out that we walked 3.7 miles, from Waseley Hills to Lickey Hills! 

Here are some photos of our day: 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Welcome to 4.3!

Reminders for year 4 so far:

  • Spellings will be handed out on Monday- you will be tested on Friday 
  • Homework will be handed out on a Friday. This is due back in on Wednesday
  • P.E is on a Monday so don't forget your kits
  • 4.3 have violin lessons on Tuesday

Friday, 17 July 2015

Goodbye (for now)

It's the final day day of term here at The Oval.

4.3, you have been fantastic students and we wish you all the best of luck for next year.
Follow 4.3 next year where they will be the new 5.2 and follow Mrs Robert's with her new class, 6.1!

Have a fantastic summer everyone! 
See you in September.
Eid Mubarak to all students!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Party in the Park

On May Day this year, Year 4 sold items to the rest of the school (read about it on this blog post).

Today with all the profit we made from our selling, we had a fun day out along with 4.1 and 4.2. We went to our local park and then visited Blakesley Hall where Wisey, our school owl for The Big Hoot is displayed.

Have a look!

 Our day started off with Mr Garcia's balancing skills!

Then we made our way to Queen's Park


Poses before the games begin

Zunaira's ready for fun

 Some children headed onto the park apparatus whilst others played sports games on the field

Sliding with style

Courtney was the undefeated balancer on the spring bridge
 There were many highlights to the day, not to mention the time Zunaira got stuck in the toddler swing!

And when Emmanouil was banished to park prison!

Everyone loved the spring seat!

Tom is looking as cool as a cucumber!

With her new found freedom, Zunaira headed towards more fun games!

After playing, we then left to visit Blakesley..

Photobomb: Zunaira

We loved this Tudor tapestry in the reception, it reminded us of  our Tudor banquet.

We finally got to see Wisey. We miss having him at our school :(

Then we went to the beautiful gardens...


...before heading back to Queen's for Fish and Chips. What a treat!

Followed by an extra treat. Thanks for the surprise Mrs Porter!

What a perfect way to end the school year, we hope we have another trip like this next year!