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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Marvellous Mosaics

As you may know, this term for topic we have been learning all about the Romans. Our school is also participating in The Big Hoot, a charity art exhibition on behalf of Birmingham Children's Hospital (learn more here). We have taken inspiration from both of these themes and over the past few weeks, have been designing our very own Roman-owl mosaic coasters to sell in school (the funds going to the charity).

Yesterday, we finally put together our mosaics (with a little help from some of our parents). Have a look at some of our superb designs!

Friday, 19 June 2015

*Stars* of the week 19/06

Its the end of another brilliantly productive week here in 4.3 and time to announce who our stars are

First up, spelling stars. Well done to all our 100% and most improved super spellers!

We have some King of German lesson today also. All hail Kรถnige Emmanouil and Samama 

Psst, Emmanouil is incharge of our classrooms German calender, this is him in action!

"Hang on, its not Christmas 2008 is it? That can't be right!"

An extra special congratulations to this weeks classroom stars, William and Lily for brilliant behaviour, writing and discussion. We are proud!

Well done everyone who made it to this week's post. Keep up the brilliant work 4.3!

BTW here is our completed Roman topic display, have a look if you can spot your work!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)

Friday, 12 June 2015

*Stars* of the week 12/06

Its that time again... time to announce our lovely weekly stars!

Congratulations to this week's 100% and most improved spellers! See if you're names on the wall of fame...

Our certificate winners today were Emmanouil and Faye. Well done for working so hard this week, you deserve it!

Emmanouil blew us away this week with some brilliant work on
coordinates and angles!
Faye impressed us all with her lovely history work, keep it up!

Have a lovely weekend, Bye!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Time-travel Interview!

For English, we've been reading The Fib by George Layton which is set in the 1950s. In today's lesson, the year 4 teachers dressed up as characters from the book and we made up interview questions to ask them in order to have greater insight into their characters.

Have a look at our teacher transformations!

Mrs Roberts transformed into George's formidable mum!

Miss O'Grady played the rebellious George.

Finally, Ms Horrocks played George's cheeky friend, Norbert.


Monday, 8 June 2015

MAC Movie Premier

If you've been reading our previous blog posts, you'd know we have recently starred in our own short film based on The 9 Lives of Montezuma by Michael Morpugo (read more here). 

Today, after much eager anticipation, we headed over to The MAC (Midlands Art Centre) to watch our film.. take a look!

We headed over to The MAC via bus

Bright-eyed and eager

When we reached, we relaxed in Cannon Hill Park and had our break
whilst we waited for our film timing slot

The weather was perfect!

Finally, it was time for the film premier to begin!

Emmanouil just couldn't wait

Everyone was very impressed with the short films and proud of their acting skills. Well done, 4.3 on the brilliant performance!

Samama was still impressed..even on the way back to school! 

....and back to school, just in time for lunch!