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Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Church, a Cathedral and a Museum

For our R.E lessons, we have been learning all about Christianity. Today, we went into Birmingham City centre to visit St Martin's Church and Birmingham Cathedral. Whilst we were there we even popped into Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to enhance our knowledge of Romans.

We made our way to town via the train.

Libby looks very excited and eager!
Our first destination was St.Martin's. Did you know the whole of Birmingham was built around this church and the surrounding markets? It is a very important piece of our local history and we loved learning more about it.

We didn't realise how big the church was until we reached! 

Samama looks very impressed!

The priest at St. Martin's gave us a fantastic (and very educational) tour of the Church. This special fountain is used for Baptism.

We loved the beautiful stained glass windows at the church. Take a look!

After a quick prayer from Mrs Roberts...

"Thank you for giving me the best class ever!"

...and a quick snack in 'pigeon park!'...

We loved our out door picnic in the sun!
...we headed to Birmingham Cathedral which is famous for its breathtaking windows. Here, we were told all about how stained glass windows are used to tell a story.

We also got to dress up and re-enact a baptism! Courtney played the part of the proud new mother.

Our guide told us all about the baptism process. Holy water is poured over the
baby's head and the priest makes a cross sign on its forehead.

After refuelling and catching some rays...

Wake up, Ibrahim! The day's not over yet!

Picnicking on the grass

...we headed towards our final destination of the day: the Museum. We saw all sorts of ancient Roman relics.

Spotted: History buffs caught in action!

Look at this intricate mosaic... We'll be doing some of our own soon, so
watch this space!

This is an ancient Roman tombstone. Libby and Cody aren't spooked at all!

These are some of the different Gods the Romans worshipped.
They even had a 
Goddess of sewers!

After a long and educational day with our brains buzzing with all the new information, we headed back to the oval.

Zunaira looks very tired. Don't worry, we'll be home soon!

We hope you had a fab day too! Stay tuned for some more news from 4.3!


Friday, 15 May 2015

*Stars* of the week 15/5

Its the end of another fantastic week here in 4.3 and time to announce our stars.

Congratulations to all of the 100% and most improved spellers of the week! An extra well done to those who made their names on both lists!

Finally, a special mention for the following children for having no red or yellow cards since the beginning of this term! Well done, keep up the good behaviour! *proud*


Have a lovely weekend, everyone! :)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lunt Fort Lunacy!

Salve! (that's Latin for hello).
For topic this term we are learning all about the Rotten Romans. To learn more, today we visited a real life Roman fort (Lunt Fort). We had a brilliant day and learned loads too. Have a look at some of the things we got up to.

Our super adventure back through time began when we were greeted at the gates of the fort by two Roman soldiers who demanded a password before we could enter (shhh! It was sausages, or in Latin, tomacula).

We then learned all about how the Romans came to Britain and made forts.. and how they protected them from the Celts!
Arrows like this were fired up to 50ft away by a machine called "The Scorpion"

Look how tiny we all look from the ground! The Romans built their forts
high enough so they could see invaders from a distance! 
These deep ditches dug around the fort would be a trap for any charging invaders!

We also learned all about how the Roman soldiers lived. 

Courtney was disgusted with the idea of communal toilets!

*retch*..they also had to share their bottom wiping sponges! No wonder Courtney is appalled!

This big pit was used to store all the gold for the soldier's wages. There's no point looking so happy Kadence, there's none there now!  >.< =[

"Oooohh... Money money money! ££££££"

This big ring called the "gyrus" was used to train horses. It's the only reconstructed gyrus in the world! We were super lucky to see it!

Look how tiny we look. The gyrus was 34m in diameter! It was huge! 

We had a look at the equipment and clothing a Roman soldier would wear

The swords were called Gladius (from the word Gladiator)
Whilst we were learning all this, we caught this tired soldier having a nap! =]

Spotted: Sleeping on the job! Report to commanding officer!

Shenae was just dying to get her hands on her own pair of swanky Roman sandles!

"Hmmmm. I wonder if I can buy these from New Look?"

Tegan shocked us all with her transformation. From sweet and innocent school girl to fierce Roman warrior!

After a mandatory group photoshoot (take a look)...

4.3 warrior poses
.. we did some Roman marching.

Don't forget to have a look in the gallery here (Lunt Fort Photo Gallery) to see all our fabulous photos.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for some more 4.3 adventures.

Vale! (goodbye). 

Friday, 8 May 2015


To help us with our maths, over the next 6 weeks we are having a special visitor from tunes Times Tables (

Using rhymes, we've already learnt half the 8x table!

Mr NK taught us a cool, catchy, musical and entertaining way of learning. Over the weeks, we will have mastered the 8, 9 and 12 times tables so if you ever spot us, feel free to ask us a tricky tables question!

May Day Mayhem

To celebrate May Day, Year 4 have helped organise a special event for the school.

We have been selling cakes, crisps, jelly, ice cream and tip tops to the rest of the school. We estimated how much things we would need to sell during our maths lessons, where we went around and made frequency tables in order to have a rough idea of how much we would need to buy.

Mr Garcia: Photobomb!

We went around the classes selling our goods

Salesgirl of the year award goes to..

We have also been learning about traditional May Day celebrations and today, we were lucky enough to take part in dancing around the May Pole! Check out our moves!

We danced to traditional May Day songs. some of them were over 400 years old!

In class, we were doing all sorts of fun activities from cakes to crafts!