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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Party in the Park

On May Day this year, Year 4 sold items to the rest of the school (read about it on this blog post).

Today with all the profit we made from our selling, we had a fun day out along with 4.1 and 4.2. We went to our local park and then visited Blakesley Hall where Wisey, our school owl for The Big Hoot is displayed.

Have a look!

 Our day started off with Mr Garcia's balancing skills!

Then we made our way to Queen's Park


Poses before the games begin

Zunaira's ready for fun

 Some children headed onto the park apparatus whilst others played sports games on the field

Sliding with style

Courtney was the undefeated balancer on the spring bridge
 There were many highlights to the day, not to mention the time Zunaira got stuck in the toddler swing!

And when Emmanouil was banished to park prison!

Everyone loved the spring seat!

Tom is looking as cool as a cucumber!

With her new found freedom, Zunaira headed towards more fun games!

After playing, we then left to visit Blakesley..

Photobomb: Zunaira

We loved this Tudor tapestry in the reception, it reminded us of  our Tudor banquet.

We finally got to see Wisey. We miss having him at our school :(

Then we went to the beautiful gardens...


...before heading back to Queen's for Fish and Chips. What a treat!

Followed by an extra treat. Thanks for the surprise Mrs Porter!

What a perfect way to end the school year, we hope we have another trip like this next year!


  1. Wow what a fun filled, creative, energetic, brain enlarging year you have all had in 4.3!
    Lots of new experiences and knowledge to help you improve further in year 5:)
    I hope you will join me in wishing Miss ( Happy Blogger ) Khan all the very best, and a MASSIVE " THANK YOU" for sooooooo many areas of school she has supported, especially in 4.3.
    All the very best for the future, I'm sure you will be AMAZING!:)
    Good luck to you all, Love Miss Madden X
    PS Miss Khan, remember to work on the face ha ha ha, firm but always fair:)
    Beeeeeeeeeeeeee Happy, don't worry. x

  2. Thank you Miss Madden. It has been a fantastic year and we have all enjoyed coming into school every day. Especially the amazing, talented, kind, generous, awesome etc etc Miss Khan (^.^) Thank you for all the support throughout the year <3 "Together we are achieving".