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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

*Stars* of the week 17/04

It's time for our class's weekly announcements again. Have a look at some of 4.3's stars of the week!

First, a special shout-out and thank you to Tegan and Josh for entertaining us with their brilliant marital arts demonstration. They showed us all the different routines they learnt at karate class. It was very impressive!

A second big shout-out to our resident poet laureate, Jessica for her awesome rhyming. Have a look!

Check out Jess's poem!

Last but not least, a special mention to all our amazing 100% and most improved spellers of the week. It was a long list this time, we're such a brainy bunch =]
(If you want to see our top spellers each week, we have a copy up on our classroom window for parents to see).

Stay tuned for more news next week! ^.^


  1. I enjoyed making a kickboxing show with Tegan I hope YOU ENJOYED IT !!!!!

  2. Jess wrote an amazing poem! I wish that I was the author!

  3. I enjoyed watching Tegan and Josh doing kickboxing

  4. Well done everyone who got their spellings right and I will make another kickboxing show if you want !!!

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