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Friday, 8 May 2015

May Day Mayhem

To celebrate May Day, Year 4 have helped organise a special event for the school.

We have been selling cakes, crisps, jelly, ice cream and tip tops to the rest of the school. We estimated how much things we would need to sell during our maths lessons, where we went around and made frequency tables in order to have a rough idea of how much we would need to buy.

Mr Garcia: Photobomb!

We went around the classes selling our goods

Salesgirl of the year award goes to..

We have also been learning about traditional May Day celebrations and today, we were lucky enough to take part in dancing around the May Pole! Check out our moves!

We danced to traditional May Day songs. some of them were over 400 years old!

In class, we were doing all sorts of fun activities from cakes to crafts!


  1. Hey guys...where was my invite!!!!

  2. This is the best day and the dancing (Maypole and Morris)was fantastic.