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Friday, 19 June 2015

*Stars* of the week 19/06

Its the end of another brilliantly productive week here in 4.3 and time to announce who our stars are

First up, spelling stars. Well done to all our 100% and most improved super spellers!

We have some King of German lesson today also. All hail Kรถnige Emmanouil and Samama 

Psst, Emmanouil is incharge of our classrooms German calender, this is him in action!

"Hang on, its not Christmas 2008 is it? That can't be right!"

An extra special congratulations to this weeks classroom stars, William and Lily for brilliant behaviour, writing and discussion. We are proud!

Well done everyone who made it to this week's post. Keep up the brilliant work 4.3!

BTW here is our completed Roman topic display, have a look if you can spot your work!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! :)