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Monday, 1 June 2015

Stupendous Science Projects!

Whilst everyone else was probably relaxing over the half term holidays, we have been very busy at work creating some fabulous science themed projects! (Which are now on display outside our classroom). Have a look at some of the brilliant projects made by the mini Einsteins here in 4.3!

When life gave William lemons... he made a battery! 

Thomas bought in his stick insects, Steg and Saurus for his science
project. He told us all about them. Thanks, Tom!
Sara's project was all about plants and how to grow them. Very summery! 
Our boy-racer Troy shared his passion of cars through his project. Clever! 
Darren transformed into an astronomer with his starry display!

Libby drew inspiration about constellations from her visit to the Planetarium!
(See our post about the Planetarium here!)

Gareth's project was all about sounds and came with instructions
on how to make an oboe!
Faye's super project had some brilliant facts about the planets! 
Josh delighted us all with this beautifully-made fact file on stars :)

Sophie's project was fun and informative. It came with real wires
and a working battery circuit! #dedication
Samama's project was a recipe for some gooey, super slimey-slime!
(psst! look at Mrs Roberts)

Shaya's project had all sorts of facts about the planets. Well done!
Lily painted a diagram showing the parts of the human digestive
system. Arty!

Our budding astronaut Emmanouil had a lot to say about space.
Super work!
Jessica worked very hard on this excellent extravaganza. Can you
spot the photo of her hair-raising static electricity experiment?

Kadence made good use of her holiday to Cornwall by making
this very creative project all about tides. Innovative!

Ayesha made a fact file AND a model hovercraft! She knew all
about aerodynamics (oooh!).
Hafsah's project about the moon came with some fab diagrams
and drawings. We talked about the link between the moon and tides
in Kadence's project.
Kechia wowed us with her beautiful, botanical display. Lovely!
Ibrahim's project was a step by step guide on how to make a lava
Cody had to sacrifice his basket ball to create this lovely booklet on
the planets. It was well worth it, Cody!

Tegan explained the science behind the explosive cola and
mentos reaction.
 Courtney painted a brilliant digestive system...
...and because it was life-sized it fit her perfectly!