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Monday, 8 June 2015

MAC Movie Premier

If you've been reading our previous blog posts, you'd know we have recently starred in our own short film based on The 9 Lives of Montezuma by Michael Morpugo (read more here). 

Today, after much eager anticipation, we headed over to The MAC (Midlands Art Centre) to watch our film.. take a look!

We headed over to The MAC via bus

Bright-eyed and eager

When we reached, we relaxed in Cannon Hill Park and had our break
whilst we waited for our film timing slot

The weather was perfect!

Finally, it was time for the film premier to begin!

Emmanouil just couldn't wait

Everyone was very impressed with the short films and proud of their acting skills. Well done, 4.3 on the brilliant performance!

Samama was still impressed..even on the way back to school! 

....and back to school, just in time for lunch!


  1. Yeah we had a brilliant time I'd give our film 10out of 10

  2. I'd give it 100000/100000 : )