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Friday, 10 July 2015

Sports Day 2k15

It's that time of the year again. We have all been looking forward to sports day, especially since Mr Garcia has arrived and has made P.E so fun and exciting. This year was the best sports day yet. The weather was perfect and we had so many events to take part in.
Have a look at 4.3's 2015 sports day pictures!

The day hadn't even begun and Tegan was already thirsty!

Zunaira is rearing to go!

Yellow team warming up on the tires

Emmanouil is very optimistic

Josh has won the cup!....(Just kidding...he wishes!)

Our first activity was counting how many continuous jumps
we could do over the barrier

Go Soph!

Fancy footwork, Kyle!

Tegan is in the zone!
Next up we had to throw foam darts and see who could throw the furthest. Samama was by far the best in 4.3. Well done, Samama, you're a natural! 

Activity 3 was a balancing act.

Looking good, Zunaira!
After balancing, we had to knock over as many blocks as we could.

Great shot, Soph!
Shaya was serving butterfly realness and managed to keep the pattern throughout
the whole day!

Libby kept sneaking off for some refreshment under the gazebo.
It was a scorcher of a day!

A quick pose before the day goes on..
Next up basket shots...

...and long jumps!
Our best long jumper was Darren, who easily managed to leap a whole metre each time.
Well done, Daz!

We had great fun doing the sack races! 

A special mention to Mr Fletcher who helped make our sports day fantastic!

Finally, all of KS2 participated in a relay!

Ibrahim gearing himself up for the big finale.

Well done to Courage for winning the sports day cup. 4.3's children in this house were:


Congratulations, your gold medals were all well-deserved. Everyone else, there's always next year!

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  1. I was a great day and sunny for sports day .