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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Reppin' at The Rep

For the past few weeks, year 4 have been practising songs in preparation for The Pilot Partnership performance. Our school, along with several others finally got to perform today at The Rep.
Have a look at some pictures from today!
Heading to the Rep. You can't blame us for the grey sky, we haven't sung yet

Oh, dear! Adam Khan from 4.2 looks tired already and we haven't even performed!

Smiles all round ^.^

Faye definitely looks singing-ready

We finally arrive at The Rep!


The theatre was very big and impressive

We got to see all the other school's performances before it was our turn.

Here is us on stage, we were the biggest (and best) act of the day and sang beautifully.

Part of our performance included all the different things which help us find our voice (the theme of the show). Some of them included dancing, kick boxing, football and brownies! We're a talented and diverse bunch here in 4.3


Before the performance.... 
...and after.

Tegan needs a Red Bull!

After a super day out and some signature poses from the girls, we headed back to school.

Whilst we were performing, lucky children involved in The Big Hoot (including 4.3's very own Kechia) went around Birmingham on an open top bus looking for all the different owlets. Kechia and the others even made it on The Birmingham Mail, have a look here! You can also watch ITV News's correspondence of the event here on our school's Big Hoot blog.

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